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Board guide for English users
« skrivet: sön 24 augusti 2014, 16:11 CEST »
This is a guide to the forum's different board primarily intended for our non-Swedish-speaking users, in order to clarify what sort of content goes where.

Anslagstavlan "The Notice Board"
Contains rules and announcements from the forum moderators. Regular users can reply to threads, but not start new ones. It is recommended that you read all sticky posts, as those contain rules and forum guidelines.

Förslagslådan "The Suggestion Box"
Board for users to contact the forum moderators, open to suggestions and bug reports. If you want to suggest that a particular mod is installed, please ensure that it's available for the version of SMF we're using (listed in the page footer; at time of writing 2.0.8 )

Nykomlingsgläntan "Newcomers' Glade"
Get to know other members and introduce yourself here!

Talarstubben "Orators' Treestump"
The place to post more serious essays and opinion pieces - please be prepared to share your sources!

Nyhetseken "News Oak"
Board for discussion of news and media, particularly fandom news, news about furry fandom, and animal-related news.

Björkdungar och nyponsnår "Birch stands and wild rose bushes"
Board for reviews of assorted published material or public events. Examples of suitable source material include books, movies, conventions, and major web sites. Compare-and-contrast-style reviews of a group of similar materials are also perfectly acceptable!

Vattenhålet "The Watering Hole"
Board for general discussion about anything and everything - furry-related is of course a bonus

Marknadsplatsen "The Market Place"
Our sales board, where members are welcome to advertise items they wish to sell or buy. Only available to members who have reached at least "Åkersork" ("field mouse") level on the food chain.

Den tomma stenhällen "The unpainted stone"
Discussion board for all things art and creativity. Share inspiration, link your favorite tutorials, debate materials, and so on.

Grottmålningar och lägereldshistorier "Cave Paintings and Campfire Tales"
This is the place to go if you wish to share your creative endeavors - if you wish to share mature/adult material please apply to join the user group "Silverpäls". Membership to this group requires at least 10 posts, with some sort of introduction among those posts.

Myrstacken "The Ant Hill"
Board for WikiLurv editors to hang out and discuss wiki-related stuff. Requires membership in the group "Wikilurvisar". Probably not relevant for you if you don't speak Swedish. ;)

Sandlådan "The Sand Box"
The forum's "test board" - threads here will be regularly pruned and do not add to your post count.

Slukhålet "The Sink Hole"
This is where old threads go to die. ;) Archived threads end up here.
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